Our biggest danger is ourselves

your say May 31, 2014 00:00

Re: "Don't write us off just yet", Letters, May 27.

Letter-writers like Songdej Praditsmanont probably have very little to worry about, as the Thai coup is now old news and advanced countries are more concerned – much more concerned – about the recent EU elections. For instance, the French president is back-pedalling furiously in a bid to assure his people that he is not out of touch, while leaders across the world are bracing for a possible sea change in the EU. 
Perhaps next week the big news will be something else yet again, but the Thai coup is no longer on the front pages of international media.
As for Songdej’s plea that people here and abroad take a wait-and-see attitude, most foreigners and Thais are already doing that, with memories of the 2006 coup still fresh.
No sane person in Thailand wants bloodshed or armed conflict, although the military might be forgiven for occasional overreaction in the name of security and maintaining the peace.
Adults being jittery and nervous simply make Thai officials jittery and nervous, so we should all try to be as brave as the young Thai schoolchildren who are happily attending classes now.
Guy Baker