Open letter to the British ambassador to Thailand

your say January 24, 2014 00:00

As Your Excellency is of course fully aware, there is a continuing protest in Thailand, the objective of which is to establish democracy as a form of government for the country to replace the current plutocracy.

So it is a little disappointing that the British government, as traditional champions of democracy, would seem not able to offer some form of moral support to this movement. It is of course acknowledged that Your Excellency is totally conversant with affairs in Thailand, but it does seem unfortunate that people have the right to vote without enjoying democracy as a system of government which they feel would eradicate corruption and malpractice by whichever political party is in power.
One is reminded of the Arab Spring, at which time Britain aided Nato to depose dictators in an effort to establish democratic governance in Arab countries.
Whilst anything more than acknowledgement of the desire for democracy would be inappropriate, people feel some isolation in their struggle and say they would appreciate some recognition from the UK, whom they regard as the Mother of Democracy. Your Excellency may perhaps agree that, with the Asean community approaching, true democracy as a form of government would be beneficial not only for Thailand but for the whole of Southeast Asia.
Jeffrey C Wilcox

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