Ongoing rural tragedy exacerbated by rice scheme

your say February 19, 2014 00:00

Re: "It's time our farmers got our collective attention and help", Opinion, February 6.

Pornmipol Kanchanalak addressed the deplorable state of affairs that was (and is still) being precipitated by the controversial rice-pledging scheme. Whereas the grievances of this policy have become established fact, I would like to commend khun Pornmipol for shining a light upon the grim reality of our current social situation. The portrait she paints really captures the essence of the social urbanisation crisis and the havoc wreaked by exploitative measures upon the unknowing rural populace, who have been drawn by the bright lights of the city. The rampant capitalism that is causing this crisis and which continues to threaten the destruction of our social fabric needs to be stemmed. Unfortunately, the rice-pledging scheme is contributing towards this crisis by smashing up the traditional agricultural patterns that uphold the economic welfare and (equally important) the social basis of family life in the countryside. Generational differences have never been so vast, thanks to the creation of this new working population.
The article is chillingly portentous as it foresees our country’s future electorate (the next generation) being a people disinherited from traditional social values and drawn towards hard consumerism and hedonistic indulgences: a nation of insects drawn towards those glaring and deadly lights. I commend Khun Pornpimol for having the courage and perceptiveness to talk about this matter.
Tirapongse Pangsrivongse