One for the NCPO suggestions box

your say June 06, 2014 00:00

The NCPO wants ideas from the public to assist in reform and maintaining order. If it will forgive a foreigner for making a suggestion, here is one that could be applied in Pattaya which, apart from its lunatic drivers, is generally safe and peaceful so t

Rather than having a group of soldiers looking somewhat bored sitting under a canopy at the Sukhumvit roadside, give them something productive to do. As soldiers are generally not colour blind they know the difference between red and green, which is not the case with far too many Pattaya drivers and riders. Post, say, three or four soldiers at key junctions on Sukhumvit where blatant and dangerous red-light running occurs at every light change, mainly because there is never a policeman in sight to stop them. Have them video the offenders and stop them. Initiate a system of fines for offenders of say Bt3,000 and allow the soldiers to retain half the fine. Do this for at least a month and the improvement will be dramatic and beneficial to all road users. The squad of soldiers that garners the most in fines could then be assigned to teaching the police how to do their job. I suspect many other cities would benefit from the same treatment.
Chris Kaye
Chon Buri