Obsession with election is foolish, undemocratic

your say May 03, 2014 00:00

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A country in which even the law enforcers and members of government ignore the law, coups d'état occur regularly and corruption is rampant, is not a democracy.

Thais have had the right to vote in elections since 1932 but democracy has never been established.
All those who extol elections and the right to vote as cornerstones of democracy should ask themselves why this electoral process has never achieved a democratic form of governance in Thailand. The totally undemocratic caretaker government we see now, which is corrupt to the core, is the most recent result of the vote. So where’s the democracy?
The fact is that a vote does not result in democratic government.  So-called champions of democracy who continually reiterate the need for an election are irresponsible and foolish. Democracy is controlled by laws and, above all, proper enforcement of those laws. Democracy embodies specific principles to which every person is subject. Such a system must be established prior to polling.
Letters and articles claiming that the present government was democratically elected are wrong. Those in favour of elections, claiming they are in the interest of freedom of expression, are in fact opposing democracy. They are promoting more of the same: corruption, armed violence, nepotism and the failure of law enforcement. Freedom of expression and the vote are awarded within a democracy. The vote only commands respect where a democratic form of governance is established.
Promote democracy, not the vote.
J C Wilcox