Obesity is easily controlled

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Re: "Abdominal surgery to treat obesity", May 7.


In his article, Dr Rajasvirod implies that dieting doesn’t work, so the answer is surgery. He claims doctors worldwide are “looking to help”. Unfortunately, the “help” is advice to reduce calories and to consume a diet high in carbohydrates. This so-called balanced, healthy diet is laid out in the food groups and food pyramid. Other diets are now referred to as “fad” diets and discouraged. In Sweden recently a GP treated her own obesity successfully by eating a low-carb diet. When she advised her obese and diabetic patients to do the same, she was reported for malpractice and suspended for two years with the threat of being struck off the medical register. She won her case. 
The health warning is that fats are fattening and artery-clogging. Yet, in human physiology, it is carbohydrates that fatten. Digested carbs first top up the glycogen storage in the muscle and liver. The rest is rapidly converted to body fat. Fruit sugar, fructose, is converted directly into body fat in the liver, and digested fat only slowly converts to useable energy. Advice to eat less is meaningless because the body has various homeostasis mechanisms that slow or speed metabolic rate (MR), depending on what, when, how much is eaten. Another such mechanism, thermogenic effect, is bone-structure dependent. A light-boned ectomorph has an inherent high MR rise after a meal, and will burn off even half a gallon of sugary ice cream. A heavy-boned endomorph gains fat on a small slice of apple pie due to a much lower inherent MR rise. Those on low-calorie diets are hungry, weak and irritable. When the hunger pangs strike, they overindulge in carbs. Animal fats do not clog arteries. Three egg yolks daily have sufficient anti-oxidants to normalise LDL. Cream and butter synthesise Vitamin B6 in the gut; B6 lowers artery-clogging homocysteine, and animal fats have protective Omega 3 and CLA.  
Is the healthy-eating misinformation deliberate so as to market toxic and ineffective statin drugs, or is it to support the food/sugar/pharma industries, or are health advisers totally out of touch with science, and simply parrot US dieticians 1950s mantra of calories and cholesterol?
A healthy fat-loss diet is simply eating most of one’s carbs at breakfast, so they can be used up during the day, and eating the animal fats so as not to be continuously hungry.
A mention must be made that there is no published review on pre-operative identification of high-risk patients for these surgical procedures. If you are one of the several in a hundred that die under the scalpel, your family can’t blame the surgeon.
Thomas Turk