Obama shares Gaza guilt with Netanyahu

your say July 23, 2014 00:00

The world was horrified by the downing of MH17, but seems strangely ambivalent to what Israel is doing in Gaza. This butchery is nothing more than an obscenity, made more so by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who insists "of course our goal is

How this man expects to be believed simply evades me. However, Barack Obama must also take substantial blame for what is most certainly a war crime by unconditionally supporting these gruesome events.
As his presidency disintegrates through inaction, incompetence and indifference, it is not just the Republicans who are now criticising him. Commentators from a wide spectrum are now calling him the worst American president since Jimmy Carter. For a man so concerned about his legacy, it is indeed ironic that as it might be summarised as “No, I didn’t.”
Dr John Patterson

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