Not voting in an illegal poll shouldn't be punished

your say February 03, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Democrat MPs face 5-year ban if they don't vote", Letters, yesterday.

Somsak Pola crows about the potential demise of the non-voting Democrats, who are opposed to corruption and claim the election is illegal. 
He would have it that corruption is in everyone’s DNA by comparing many people’s cold to the Shinawatra bubonic plague. 
Not voting in an illegal election will not count. Yingluck’s denial of the 2007 Constitution’s legality should be enough to see her red carded if she is wrong and for using an illegal 2007 Constitution to call an election if she is right. 
By the time the courts have sorted out the illegal bills, the election itself should be put in the bin along with the Pheu Thai Party and other parties that have colluded with it. Thailand will be ready to be restarted with some clean hands. 
Richard Bowler