Not small beer

your say May 16, 2014 00:00

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Would the brewery official who changed the size of the "large" bottle of Singha beer from 630ml to 500ml care to explain to an irate public the perverted reasoning that led to this appalling decision?

Along with tom yum gung, muay thai, katoey shows and street protests, Singha beer is a national institution and does not deserve this affront. Furthermore, the digestive systems of the Thai population have adapted themselves over more than 80 years to the 630ml bottle of Singha as a perfect accompaniment to the evening meal, whether it be khao pat, nam prik or a McDonald’s. 
One 500ml bottle is not enough and leaves one feeling unsatisfied and ripped off. Two 500ml bottles are too much. 630ml is just right.  I also note that some unscrupulous restaurants are already touting the 500ml bottle as “large”, which it isn’t. 
No wonder the country is in a mess. 
Nigel Pike 
Phang Nga