NBTC official went too far with iPhone 6 tweet

your say August 17, 2014 01:00

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Re: "NBTC official defends tweet on iPhone 6", Business News, August 15.

Not only was Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommun-ications Commission, out of line in revealing Apple’s application, his defence was nothing short of pathetic. Not only was it unethical, it was also bad manners.
First, to call iPhone 6 when Apple never stated that – it could be expected from most media but not someone as powerful and supposed to be respectable as a NBTC official.
Second, to claim the revelation as part of its consumer-protection role begs a question of where to protect. There are plenty of areas that he could and should have done better to protect.
Third, he bombastically stated his agency has now allowed the devices to be sold in Thailand and that should have raised public confidence on the Apple’s products. Steve Jobs would have turned his grave to hear that. He and his agency is nothing when compared with the late Steve Jobs.
Fourth, his defence in not having trespassed the right of Apple in trade secrecy is somewhat empty.
Finally, he said his own judgement in public disclosure is supreme. Boy, how pompous and dictatorial, he still has not learned that it is not so.
Thank you The Nation for this news that has spoiled my breakfast this morning! 
Songdej Praditsmanont