NACC efficiency should be applauded

your say April 02, 2014 00:00

Re: "NACC should avoid rushed or biased judgement", Letters, March 31.

Letter-writer Burin Kantanabutra seems to accept that the prime minister is being “rushed to justice”. He also seems to accept that the government should have some say in the process. In a democratic system, the “independent agencies” are independent. The government has only recently pressed the criminal charges over actions committed by the Abhisit administration in 2010. The defendants personally accepted the charges. The charges had been held back as a pawn in the amnesty-bill bargaining, which swept corruption under the table. The “honest and independent” attorney general should be able to answer Burin’s questions about the speed of the judicial process.
The prime minister is personally in control of the rice price-pledging process. She should have all the answers at her fingertips. Months ago an official alleged the contracts were “set up for corruption”. Figures in the public domain suggest that only 29 per cent of the uplift in price actually ends up with the farmer. Why has the PM not launched an enquiry herself? Instead, she felt free to try to stop the investigator from working so quickly.
There should only be a complaint against the NACC if it fails to deliver justice.
Richard Bowler