Mystified at the support for an appalling regime

your say March 09, 2014 00:00

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For many years I have read the pages of the English language newspapers in Thailand. They are interesting publications with many excellent articles and perceptive letters.

However, some opinions expressed would seem to be uninformed, not considering the broad view and not based on facts and experience but on hearsay. This has become more apparent over the last four months.
The current issue facing the country is between a corrupt, plutocratic dictatorship supported by lethal violence, and a group which is protesting to establish a democratic form of governance. They are non-violent, unarmed and acting within their constitutional rights. Surely for an enlightened mind there should be no difficulty in deciding which is morally right and which is immoral, socially destructive and the very antithesis of democracy which is a form of government controlled by laws.
For a government and its supporters to continually ignore the country’s constitution and resort to armed violence to retain its power and then sink low enough to rejoice in the murder of children, condemnation should be universal. One wonders why this is not so. 
Surely the answer must be that some opinions are not informed opinions based on sound facts and experience. Any person who saw the “war drum” meeting of the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship, UDD, in Nakhon Ratchasima a week ago and their subsequent comments, would have heard and seen that this organisation is guilty of inciting treason, violating part one of the constitution, by calling for separatism and a republican state. This from people who claim to be the defenders of democracy. They are also raising an armed “army” to impose their ideas which include the return of Thaksin Shinawatra to Thailand at any cost.
Thaksin openly declares these red shirts to be his followers and supporters. Surely the events of the last four months have shown the true nature of Thaksin, his proxy government, the UDD and its red shirts. They should by now have lost the little credibility they may have previously enjoyed. Both the UN and the USA seem to think so and yet there is still some opinion in support of this appalling regime.
JC Wilcox