Mystified at Western reports on Thai crisis

your say August 18, 2014 01:00

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I can't understand Western media reports on the recent events in Thailand. The previous protests, mainly in Bangkok, have been labelled as "government hostile". When were protests in, say, Ukraine ever called the same?

The protests were aimed at corruption, bribery, nepotism and the all overriding self-interest that has been the hallmark of the governments under the patronage of the Shinawatra family. 
Thaksin and his sister Yingluck have virtually stolen billions of dollars from the Thai people. And as if this wasn’t enough, Yingluck launched a system that deprived millions of farmers their only income from rice farming. 
The state took care of the rice, but never paid the farmers. They only got a worthless piece of paper. This triggered several incidences of suicide among farmers, but nobody in Yingluck’s government could care less. 
Subsequently, someone wanted to inspect the stored rice, but several places suddenly caught fire and burned down. Obviously, most of the rice had already disappeared into the pockets of government officials.
What ultimately triggered the protests was Yingluck’s attempt to gain amnesty for Thaksin. If Thaksin ever would choose to return to Thailand, he would have to spend two years in prison for corruption during his time as prime minister.
Now – as a blessing to the Thai people – the army has taken control of things. Already, farmers have been paid for their rice. 
In only a few days, the army confiscated thousands of weapons and explosives aimed to kill opponents of the Shinawatra family. Billions of baht have been confiscated on their way overseas in private planes. Documents have been found showing how the followers of the Shinawatra clan were paid to attack protesters in Bangkok. Any violent attack would earn a bonus of Bt2,500. 
All this information was found in a makeshift HQ outside Bangkok. It should be mentioned that the Thai police never investigated any of these matters at all. 
So, it still puzzles me why Western media still support the Shinawatra way of government, as Yingluck’s main achievement as prime minister was splurging millions of baht on foreign trips and other indulgences. 
This, to me, looked more like the Marcos era in the Philippines, but Thais are worth much more than that and that is what the military is all about – giving a fresh and more equal start to everyone in Thailand before the upcoming general election.
Harald Kontants
Norsborg, Sweden

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