Muslim outlook depends on Koran interpretation

your say July 18, 2014 00:00

Re: "Can Islam and Buddhism coexist peacefully in SE Asia?", Opinion and Analysis, July 13

Islam and Buddhism are fundamentally different. Islam is a religion, whereas Buddhism embraces reality and is not a religion – there is no worship of a god or supernatural being. Buddhists are atheists.
But what is Islam? The violence perpetrated in the name of Islam around the world extends to Muslims killing other Muslims in Iraq. Against this, Muslims here in Thailand live quite happily and peacefully with other people. They seem to be family-minded, friendly people with good morals. There is no reason why theists and atheists should not co-exist peacefully, provided that neither imposes their philosophy on the other. The Koran guides all Muslims, but some seem incited to violence by their interpretation of it. It would be helpful were Imtiyaz Yusuf to explain Islam: why there are two such conflicting interpretations of the Koran.
J C Wilcox