Muddled thinking on Gaza

your say August 07, 2014 01:00

Re: "Who are the terrorists here?", Letters, August 6.

Mr Bahrt’s views against Israel are well known to readers, but this time he is more incomprehensible than usual.
May I remind Mr Bahrt that, during the 2000s, when Hamas suicide bombers blew up children and women in Israel’s schools, buses and cafes, they were not called “terrorists” by any international news media. When Hezbollah and Hamas rockets rain down on civilian areas in Israel with the sole intent of killing civilians, they are not “terrorists” either. When a French Muslim went on a killing spree in the south of France, murdering several Jewish children solely because they were Jewish, he was not a terrorist by our world’s standards – or Mr Bahrt’s. 
One might object to the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza, but it is never the Israeli army’s intent to hurt civilians, as attested to by the numerous warnings dispatched to the population before attempts to destroy rocket-launching sites, conveniently placed in civilian areas by Hamas.
Andy Leitner