Mouse beginning to roar in corruption fight

your say March 07, 2014 00:00

Re: "Cyberspace the new anti-graft battleground", Editorial, March 5.

The positive assessment of the social media’s central role in the anti-corruption battle is quite stimulating, bearing in mind the transnational nature of corruption. One useful guideline for graft-battling netizens is the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which is the first legally binding international anti-corruption instrument.
The provisions of the UNCAC are more topical than ever. The whole international community is concerned about the serious threats posed by corruption to the stability and security of societies. These include undermining democracy, ethical values and justice and jeopardising sustainable development and the rule of law.
The UNCAC, which has been ratified by 170 countries, including the 10 Asean member-states, demands the active participation of civil society, non-governmental organisations and community-based institutions in the fight against corruption. It also stipulates that public awareness must be raised with campaigns for non-tolerance of corruption, as well as relevant education programmes at all levels.
Ioan Voicu