Mother Nature's cruellest daughter

your say January 17, 2014 00:00

Re: "Austrian men concede women might be better hunters", Opinion, January 16.

How heart-warming to learn that women are now bringing their civilising instincts of sensitivity and empathy to the slaughter of defenceless animals! Surely this represents a great moral leap for humankind.
When food is otherwise unavailable, hunting animals might be justifiable. But anybody who kills living creatures just for sport is hardly fit to be called human. The hunter has a gun. The animal doesn’t. This is not a fair fight. Worse, the animal has done nothing to provoke it.
Here’s how an imaginary reindeer (call him Rudolph) might respond to some of the inane statements made by the huntresses quoted in this article:
Huntress: I have respect for these animals. When it’s just bang, bang, one here, one there, I don’t like it.
Rudolph: Neither do I, madam. I’m so glad you have respect for me as you’re blasting away at me. It makes me feel much better to know that I’m being killed with respect. I don’t mind having my guts blown out by a high-powered rifle, dying in agony, wallowing in my own gore, so long as I know I’m being respected. 
Huntress (puffing on a cigarette): After I’ve shot something, I do need a few moments of peace.
Rudolph: Oh, so do I, madam. Only I can’t get a few moments of peace, because I’m dead.
Huntress: Your main concern is shooting the animal cleanly, you don’t want it to suffer. I don’t feel sorry for the animal, really. 
Rudolph: I’m grateful for your concern. I don’t want to suffer either. So why bother shooting me at all? Tell you what, sweetheart, how about making this a fairer fight by giving me a high-powered rifle and teaching me how to shoot it? I’m sure I could learn to pull the trigger with my hoof. Maybe I could also learn to BS about my respect for the animals I slaughter the way you do. 
The Buddha said it all: “Life is dear to all. Comparing others with oneself, one should neither kill nor cause to kill. Whoever, seeking his own happiness, harms beings who love happiness, gets no happiness hereafter.” Dhammapada 10: 2-3
S Tsow

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