More detentions, please

your say June 05, 2014 00:00

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I think we should give some thought to those politicians, activists, editors, etc, who were not called to report to the military. Already those who did get a military invite are hosting cocktail parties and hi-so dinners, regaling their guests with tales

Everyone smiles, yet everyone knows that those who were not called in by the military were not considered important enough to bother with. And so, while the hosts give their (perhaps slightly altered) version of their time in detention, those who missed out smile broadly but inside seethe with anger and embarrassment. Nor will they be able to pass on any interesting tales of their time in military lockup to their children and grandchildren. In the interest of fairness, the military should call in hundreds more politicians, etc, so that no one feels left out. After all, saving face is extremely important in this country.
Dean Barrett