Monotheism and the myth of 'evil' human nature

your say March 06, 2014 00:00

Re: "Nothing as cruel as human nature", March 4, Opinion.

I strongly agree with most of this column’s content but would like to take issue with its heading and certain other views expressed.
To my way of thinking, human nature is not to blame.
We are born without the taint of political or, more pertinently, religious ideas. But from day one we are exposed to influences from many directions, containing all kinds of brainwashing propaganda.
The worst influences come from the one-god religions. They teach us that only they are right and that others must be destroyed.
In contrast, Lord Buddha teaches us that we are good and we must do good to all and, most significantly, that there is not “one truth”.
I think the most important thing is that we be educated from birth that we are one people and that all of us are close family, descended from the first humans who walked the Earth.
All the best, and may peace come to Thailand soon.
Menachem Itzkovitch
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