Modern life seems lacking in rectal fortitude

your say July 15, 2014 00:00

In the book "A**holes - A Theory", philosopher Aaron James characterises such people as self-absorbed and lacking in self-awareness. Ignoring rules, they believe that who they are morally justifies their actions and demands.

“A person counts as an a**hole when he ... allows himself to enjoy special advantages out of a ... sense of entitlement that immunises him against the complaints of other people.” 
Acting abusively and arrogantly, the a**hole believes he is special and that normal rules of conduct do not apply to him. Flouting accepted social conventions (more or less in the open) becomes a way of life. He stands unmoved by criticism and immunised against people who speak up. 
In Thailand (though not just in Thailand), the a**hole population has exploded out of control, particularly in the spheres of politics and business. 
Their behaviour has become the norm and is largely responsible for the Kingdom’s social decline. 
“If the proportion of a**holes in the population becomes too large, cooperative people will become increasingly unable ... to uphold the practices and institutions needed for a society to stave off decline.” 
There’s one heck of a lot of cleaning out and sweeping up still to do!
John Shepherd

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