Misplaced complaints

your say April 30, 2014 00:00

There have been many letters and comments published on The Nation website complaining of the NACC's haste in prosecuting the prime minister, asking why other people are not being prosecuted for this and that, with the Abhisit crackdown as a prime example.

The NACC was re-established in 2006 after the coup. “AC” stands for Anti-Corruption, which limits the cases they can follow, an example being the Abhisit case. The crimes alleged to have been committed by the Minister for Communications in 2006 prior to the NACC, in lowering costs for AIS and changing the law on foreign purchase for a day or two, have very recently been put forward for prosecution. The beneficiary of these crimes is still abroad. His sister’s amnesty law tried to get him a rebate on the money “stolen” from him by the court for enrichment in office. As this is the prime mover behind the recent chaos, why is this case taking so long?
Richard Bowler