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Minority blocking the will of the majority; it's a problem

Re: 'Madam prime minister, please just quit' (Opinion, 24th April)

Pornpimol Kanchanalak is vehement in her criticism of PM Yingluck for refusing to resign, but her arguments, some of them well made, are I believe compromised in the article's first paragraph. Ms Pornpimol quotes PM Yingluck as saying she would step down "should that be the wish of the people", but surely the writer is disingenuous when she wonders exactly who the "people" are, as it is obvious the PM was referring to the electorate.

The writer then states, no doubt correctly, that there are millions who would be glad to be rid of PM Yingluck and her government. But there are also millions of people who wish no such thing. Or maybe the writer reckons, like many on the anti government side, that those who voted for Pheu Thai, being ignorant and uneducated, don't really deserve to be included in the "democratic" process, and it's only those who vote for the "right" party who can prevail.

After facing mounting criticism and huge protests, PM Yingluck finally made the right decision by dissolving parliament and calling an election. That's what should happen in a democratic society - a failing government returning power to the people. Unfortunately, if one group of people, even a minority, decide they cannot accept the will of the majority, as expressed in accordance with the electoral process, then there is a problem, and that's where we are in Thailand now.

Good luck to those trying to solve this problem, they will need it.

Robin Grant


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