Middle way needed at this time of great division

your say February 24, 2014 00:00

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Dear People of Thailand, First of all I want to say you have such an amazing and beautiful country and culture. Millions of people from all over the world come to visit and also to live or retire here.

But myself and many other people from around the world are very concerned that this might be ruined through all the infighting that is going on now. Yes, I am an outsider looking in so I do not completely understand what is going on, but I do know this is a Buddhist Kingdom. And I also know Buddha preached the middle way – to not go to extremes – which is happening now in Thailand and is starting to tear the country apart. 
So for the sake of your country, culture, ancestors and children, can there somehow be found a middle way to resolve this ongoing conflict? Already I have heard about a white-shirt movement that is not taking sides but is trying to find a peaceful resolution, which I believe is the true Buddhist way and the true Thai way. 
I just hope that this type of movement continues to grow and somehow there can be a peaceful resolution before it is too late. Thank you.
Thomas Husted
Khon Kaen

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