Media responsibility

your say May 29, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Media urges NCPO to allow freedom of expression", Politics, May 28.

The writer of this article seems to forget that freedom of expression in an undemocratic Thailand is the very reason for the current coup.
The media would be correct to push for free speech within a democratically aware country, but Thailand has never experienced democratic governance. Freedom of expression of the majority has translated as armed intimidation under Thailand’s corrupt system. One faction has used its partisan media to indoctrinate their young into believing the right to vote gives them the right to do as they please.
Until the media becomes responsible, with the interests of the country as their main concern, they will cause unrest.
Freedom of expression is a principle of democratic governance but has a place only within a country which is both democratically aware and democratically governed. When General Prayuth has eradicated the totally undemocratic system which has controlled the country for decades, then the benefits of democracy will be enjoyed by all.
Thailand is in a very sensitive transition at the moment. Crying for democratic rights is premature and irresponsible. Democracy as the form of government must be established as the first priority. A responsible media can play an important role in sustaining democracy as they could in establishing it.
JC Wilcox