Meatless Mondays, the answer to every vegan's prayer

your say October 08, 2012 00:00

Ref: "Eat greens to save the earth", Opinion, September 25.


Wow! That was my reaction to the article, which notes that the Philippines is going to start having “Meatless Mondays”. I can remember years ago when “Nutrition Month” in the Philippines was nothing more than a disgraceful public relations gimmick by the dairy industry telling everyone to drink milk. Times have changed.
The two reasons given for having “Meatless Mondays” are that the meat industry harms the environment as well as human health. In fact, according to the United Nations, the meat industry causes more global warming than all forms of transportation combined. And in America, 80 per cent of the corn and 95 per cent of the oats that are grown are fed to livestock instead of humans. And then everyone wonders why we have a food and water shortage.
But there is one other reason to move towards vegetarianism. No civilised society should tolerate the slaughter and torture of billions of animals for food that is not even necessary to eat – unless of course you think wreaking havoc on the environment and destroying human health is necessary!
Eric Bahrt