Many foreigners do hold a stake here

your say May 03, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Foreigners are not stakeholders here", Letters, May 2.

The letter yesterday by Vint Chavala disappointed me enormously. It was far below his usual standards. 
Many expats have lived in Thailand for many, many years. Married to a Thai, with children, a house and income to spend, their future is here. Just like Vint, I live and will die here. I am not a guest, which is a temporary state, but a citizen of Thailand. Regrettably, I am not allowed to vote despite my contributions to the Thai economy (to earn that right I would have to pay millions for a Thai passport: so much for Vint’s principle). 
Vint wants to curb freedom of expression in forbidding us to comment on Thailand. Is there any other decent country where the indigenous population protests against comments by foreigners? “We are happy to take your money but you have to shut up” is a detestable attitude. Vint should realise that Thailand might just be a more pleasant and better-organised country if advice from farang was listened to.
Egon Wout