Looking for understanding from international friends

your say June 14, 2014 00:00

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Western nations and their media should look beyond the coup to the situation before May 22, thereby enlightening themselves to the accumulated crisis and complex situation Thailand was facing.

It began in 2001 when the Thai Rak Thai party was elected to government and its leader Thaksin Shinawatra gradually began turning Thailand into a one-man state.
Democracy has been relegated to just the name of the game since then.
In 2003, Thaksin declared his “war on drugs”, in which 2800 people were brutally murdered. The dead included old people, children and even pregnant women.
The victims were never given a chance to defend themselves in court.
Finally, patriotic and literate Thais came out on the streets of Bangkok in protest against the Yingluck Shinawatra government, under the unlawful control of Thaksin, for its attempt to push an amnesty bill that would have pardoned the violent protesters and arsonists of the 2010 political turmoil – and Thaksin himself – of their past crimes.
The anti-government protests lasted more than six months before the coup finally happened.
In light of the above facts, Thais hope of turning their country around and back to a democratic system, within a year and a half at the most, have been boosted.
We are also hoping for patience and understanding from our friends in the international community.
Is that asking for too much – especially from our friends?
Vint Chavala