Long arm of emergency law should stretch to Dubai

your say January 25, 2014 00:00

It is good that the government has decided to halt the election by banning gatherings of five people or more.

Chalerm says authorities will now focus on arresting the protest leaders. When will they arrest the already-identified grenade bombers? When will they arrest businessman Ekeyuth’s murderer?
The first item in the emergency measures was given as, “To arrest and detain persons suspected of having a role in causing and instigating the emergency situation”.
The “emergency situation” has been caused by the undue delay in the capture and return for trial of Thaksin Shinawatra, which the recently appointed “honest and independent” Attorney General has failed to address. No doubt he will arrest the caretaker prime minister on murder charges as soon as any protester dies as a result of the emergency decree having set a precedent with the thousand or so charges against Abhisit and Suthep.
Richard Bowler