Letters column now a dirty battleground?

your say March 04, 2014 00:00

Re: "Is The Nation biased", Letters, February 28.

A letter writer complains that Somsak Pola and other critics of the anti-government protest movement get a disproportionate number of letters published in The Nation. On March 1 A Johnsen complained about “a regular American contributor”  (Gosh! I wonder who that could be? He’s so subtle!) who writes hateful letters.
Neither of these writers complain about letters published more frequently than mine which whip up hatred against the government.
In the Bangkok Post’s March 1 edition there was a letter demanding that the newspaper stop printing letters by Mr Pola or me. I have no doubt that these complaints are a well-coordinated effort to ban critics of the anti-government protest from expressing their views in the letters section of the newspapers. I hope the newspapers do not succumb to this deplorable effort to stifle freedom of speech.
Eric Bahrt