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Re: "The alarm is in the ice", XP, January 13.


While we laud this historic first of the Thai lady scientist, Suchana Savanich’s Antarctic safari, there are some points that need clarification.
While she admits the ongoing Antarctic cooling, (in fact, the Antarctic ice is at its thickest since measurement began), she laments the loss of 20 per cent of the penguins. If that were so, surely that would benefit fish stocks, needed to nourish our wildly expanding human population. 
However, we must ask who made such enormous and costly before-and-after Antarctic penguin surveys, and when? Or does she refer to just a single colony of the penguins, near her landing site.
She then goes on to state that carbon dioxide (CO2) is warming the planet. The only scientific correlation on CO2 and warming shows an 800-year lag between CO2 rising and global warming. Also, during the Middle Ages’ Warm Period, when Greenland was green and grapes grew in Scotland, CO2 levels were much lower than today.
She laments the melting of Arctic ice, but is she qualified for such comments, when she did not visit the Arctic. Yes, the Arctic does partly melt in summer, when there is 24 hours of sunshine. However, winter means extreme cold. Arctic ice started to freeze earlier in 2011 than its record early-freeze of 2007. 
Some Alaskan towns are today cut off from fuel supplies due to minus 60C temperatures. Ulan Bator, Mongolia, on the other side of the globe, is minus 31C. Can this honestly be called global warming? Will this cause more melting of Arctic ice? I doubt it.
Maybe the scientist did not wish to upset the sponsors of this expedition, slipping a little from good science to go along with their global warming agenda. 
Unfortunately, as many have realised, global warming (now re-invented as “climate change” to try to confuse the issue) has been exposed as nothing more than a massive fraud designed to extract taxes and make profits by trading in CO2.
Thomas Turk