Let the Democrats in a new poll, so the PDRC can retire

your say March 02, 2014 00:00

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Suthep calls for one-on-one with Yingluck, to be televised live. Yingluck has said she will meet with Suthep if he calls off street protests and lets the election go ahead. As if he would.

Yingluck is missing an opportunity to “save democracy”. The current election is a busted flush. Her unfortunate rice pledging speech could get the result kicked out by itself. She should authorise a new royal decree based on the “national crisis” ticket. She should publish the Pheu Thai manifesto for the election, and all other parties should publish theirs. Any party not doing so must be automatically disqualified. This will give the people the opportunity to know what they are voting for. Any undemocratic party or institution should be excluded from participating in the process. She needs to allow the Democrats back into the arena. PDRC should then step back out of the arena.
She should then challenge all of the other parties to a pre-election debate on reform.
Richard Bowler