Leave Yingluck alone to bring reconciliation

your say December 11, 2012 00:00

Re: "'Economist' report on Thaksin encouraging", Letters, December 10.


As suggested by Vint Chavala, I have read the referred article and was struck by the article’s last sentence – “Mr Thaksin and his fans will have to learn the virtues of patience”.
That sentence reflects what Thaksin and many of his yes-men have been lacking since the 2006 coup. Thaksin Shinawatra has never shown any patience. Day by day, he has been impatient and stubborn in calling for his “legitimate rights”, the return of his assets and revocation of his jail sentence. He even threatened to take our country to the international court by hiring dubious foreign lawyers to trample on our pride. His stubbornness and impatience have frustrated our economic growth. Thailand could have become an economic darling of Southeast Asia, surpassing both Malaysia and Indonesia, if he had disappeared into temporary oblivion.
He could rest assured that the country will be his eventually by leaving power exclusively but temporarily to his charming sister. By chance, PM Yingluck, from a different generation, is now in a position to reconcile society. Her silence on matters she knows nothing about has frustrated the opposition, which doesn’t know how to deal with her, except to call her brainless. She will end up as our saviour if, and only if, Thaksin and his cronies can leave her alone or, at the right time, she tells Thaksin to get lost.
My hope for our peaceful co-existence rests with this accidental saviour, Yingluck, and not the opinions of academics and self-interested politicians.
Songdej Praditsmanont