Kudos for CSR reference

your say January 09, 2014 00:00

Re: "CSR: Just a PR gimmick or building a better future?" Business, January 6.

The optimism and faith expressed in corporate social responsibility by Orapun Parapob Gilman is commendable and timely. The political unrest in several Asian countries, plus devastating recent floods and typhoons, are indications of a gross imbalance in our governance of the environment and economies.

CSR is not a magic wand for all our problems. But, yes, a step taken toward correct CSR can alleviate a lot of pain and considerably mitigate future perils.

However, a lack of adequate resources in Asia is deterring more widespread interest in CSR. Current methods, models and case studies borrow heavily from developed countries, where the problems are different.

Though governments have a key role to play in this historic transition, few have taken real action to provide adequate incentives towards corporate responsibility.

Public or private, implementing CSR successfully requires a structured scientific approach. We must first understand that CSR is not merely an innovative business model – it is science. Only pragmatic, logical steps will help your company reap the benefits. Which country in Asia will be the first to take real steps in the direction of CSR? Any hands for Thailand?

Riddhi Ghosh

Sustainability consultant