Jewish people integrate better than some

your say August 11, 2014 01:00

It's an interesting fact that Jewish people live in most countries around the world, integrating peacefully with others of different cultures and religious beliefs. They do not try to impose their beliefs on others.

On the other hand, throughout the world, followers of Islam impose their ideology aggressively with the intention of establishing Sharia law. Islamists terrorise the world: Jewish people do not. This is an undeniable fact. The latest horror perpetrated in the name of Islam is the sadistic activity of ISIS in the northern Iraq. ISIS, like other groups, are heavily armed, highly organised and well funded.
History shows that Jewish people tend to be peaceful victims: the Holocaust being the most horrific example. However when their homeland is under constant threat from Islam, understandably they will defend themselves forcefully. 
It is possible to negotiate with Israel, it has a democratically elected government. Nothing can be agreed with Palestine, it is supposedly represented by Hamas but an agreement with them means little. There are many other independent Islamic groups who do as they please; firing rockets at will. Some of these rockets intended for Israel actually fall on their own people with seemingly little concern.
JC Wilcox 

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