It can get messy down on the streets, Bill, let me tell you

your say February 24, 2014 00:00

William Heinecke should come down from his office tower and see what is happening on Bangkok streets! In his open letter to ambassadors yesterday, he states "all is normal" and various embassy travel warnings should be removed.

I am a US citizen who splits time between Los Angeles and Bangkok. Last Tuesday I took my wife to Bumrungrad Hospital for a check-up after which we got a taxi to go for some apple pie at a friend’s bakery. The taxi got stuck in protest traffic at Ratchawithi Road, and surrounded by retreating riot police. Soon volleys of shots rang out from the direction the police were fleeing followed by return fire from police armed with rifles in an open pickup truck. 
With that we fled the taxi and took shelter in an alley together with 30 or so terrified riot police. When the shooting finally ended we had to walk to the MTS as traffic was hopeless. 
If that is “normal” maybe Heinecke might like a weekend in Kiev. 
M Drummond