Israel softens its might with mercy

your say August 15, 2014 01:00

Re: "'Human shield' claim is a lie", Letters, August 13.

The slanders and lies propagated by letters such as Mr Duhigg’s cause Jews and Israelis to stop in their tracks and say: This is not just politics, this is anti-Semitism. 
Even staunchly anti-Israeli media such as the BBC have now admitted that Hamas rockets are fired from civilian areas precisely because Hamas knows the IDF will do its utmost to hurt civilians in retribution. The second claim made by Mr Duhigg is that Israel “advises Palestinians to remain in their homes so they can more easily massacre them”. This kind of vicious propaganda is meant to hide the truth, which is that Israel drops thousands of leaflets and either sends text messages or actually calls people whose homes will be targeted when rockets are fired from their vicinity. In addition, a fake bomb is usually dropped as a warning before the actual attack.
Given the IDF’s military might, it could obliterate all of Gaza in a matter of hours if it chose to do so.
Martin Wallace