Israel a democratic lamb among totalitarian wolves

your say May 10, 2014 00:00

Re: "Separateness without equality", Letters, May 7.

Charles Frederickson characterises Israelis’ relationship with Palestinians as one of “separateness without equality”. The simple fact is that Israel’s very right to exist is constantly under threat from people indoctrinated by a harmful ideology. Israel is the only democratically governed country in the region. Those running Palestine do not wish the current situation to change because it attracts worldwide sympathy for the cause of Islamisation. Mr Frederickson has clearly fallen for this ploy. 
Just over the border, Egypt has banned the militant form of extremism threatening Israel – the same extremism that threatens world peace. It’s called Islam. Nobody suffers more from Islam more than Muslims.
In a nutshell, the Middle East is a theatre of indoctrination against enlightenment: totalitarianism facing democracy. This situation has parallels in Thailand, which attracts the same sympathy from likeminded people.
JC Wilcox