Islam confusing

your say July 13, 2014 00:00

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Islamists most recent planned heinous crime was to destroy the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Fortunately it was foiled by French police. Around the world, this violence continues, but what is the objective? It is quite clear that Islamists are set on world domination, but how can committing such atrocities further this aim? Very often Muslims are the victims of Islamists. Currently in Iraq, Sunni Muslims are attacking Shia Muslims?
Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS and Al Shebab all claim their actions to be in the name of Islam. Is this in itself not blasphemous to Muslims?
Muslims one speaks with and becomes involved with condemn jihadists and their violence. Mention Al-Qaeda and all thumbs point earthwards, but Muslims follow Islam don’t they?
During the seven months of Thai protests that started last November, Muslims were at the forefront in the struggle for democracy and they are strong monarchists. They are kind, honest, peaceful people, but Islam, by its very nature, is not democratic. It is totalitarian with its own set of laws (Sharia).
Islamists interpret the Koran as commanding jihad, a condemnation of all non-Muslims, whereas the vast majority of Muslims assert that the Koran promotes love and morality, and they strive to live by that code. In fact during the anti-government protests in Bangkok, Jewish, Muslim and Christian demonstrators often shared the same large tents, together with Buddhists (who are in fact atheists), in peaceful co-existence.
Islamists and ordinary Muslims would seem to be diametrically opposed while both holding the Koran as their paramount guide. Is this simply a matter of different interpretation, or is it misinterpretation?
When it comes to the Bible, Christians seem to be selective in following the scriptures, which sometimes appear contradictory.
The issue is really quite confusing. Is there someone who could enlighten?
JC Wilcox