Is last-ditch compromise wishful thinking?

your say January 21, 2014 00:00

Despite the violence directed against the PDRC last week, optimists haven't lost hope that there still exists a way out of the deadlock. Is this wishful thinking?

Not if the government shows it is sincere in heeding the legitimate voice of the pro-reform movement led by the PDRC. However, the government’s actions so far speak otherwise. Its half-hearted attempt in creating a Reform Council by government officials lacks credibility and neutrality, and appears to be just a stonewalling tactic to counter the PDRC demand for a People’s Council.
Had it been sincere, it would have assigned the task to people more respectable who are acceptable to all parties. Such persons are not that hard to find, but the government insists on leading and overseeing the process, which will never be accepted by its opponents – a stance that reflects its ill intention from the beginning. It is unrealistic to expect the PDRC to accept any government-led reform since there’s no way to ensure that it won’t be influenced by the government one way or another – especially if the elections and the reform process proceed in parallel, as proposed by the government.
Without some breakthrough sincerely initiated by the government that addresses the pro-reform movement’s concerns, no end to this stand-off is in sight.
Anan Pakvasa