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Re: "To John Kerry: America needs a better understanding of Thailand", Opinion, June 5.

I am sure that all of us, Thai and foreigners, are thankful to Khun Somtow’s accurate and pertinent expose of the facts regarding this necessary takeover of power in order to avoid more criminal bloodshed on behalf of the red shirts and associates, thus forestalling a deeper division.
Let’s work together to rebuild and reconcile our nation, always remembering the stabilising influence of HM the King and his strong advice to respect the law of the land.
It is none of the business of America or the EU to be the judge of Thailand’s internal affairs. Both would do well to clean up their own mess, with unemployment exploding. Especially Mr Kerry’s government and the socialistic dictatorship of the EU. The Internet provides the true picture of disorder and social dislocation, if one is inclined to research the truth.
So why interfere in Thailand’s internal affairs? It is all related to destabilising the world – Ukraine, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Thailand – in line with the master plan of Mr Brzezinski implemented in 1979, members of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations], the trilateral commission and the Bilderberg clique. The latter one just met in Copenhagen from May 29 till June 1.
But no news in the msm (mainstream media) although these people plot in secret the future of this planet in respect to all aspects of life – “the masters of the universe”.
And the fugitive ex-prime minister [Thaksin Shinawatra] was piece and parcel of this project, being the local agent of the Carlyle Group, with GHW Bush as one of its main players. Also it was he who addressed the CFR, a body from which most of the government heads are selected, such as Mr Kerry, for each administration since its inception. This is called OLIGARCHY!!!
America is far from being a democratic republic. One only has to look up all the wars this nation has fomented all over the planet under the pretext of bringing “democracy”. Again, just research the devolution of this once great and exemplary country. 
The slide started with the assassination of President McKinley and further down the road the unconstitutional establishment of the federal reserve system, a private consortium of major European and American bankers. No shareholder list is available. The federal reserve is not more federal than Federal Express, and it has never been audited since 1913. The federal government has no say; the bankers are above everyone.
Let’s stand together, criticise each other constructively and rebuild Thailand through proper and in-depth reforms to bring forward the excellence and bravery of its workers/builders and its populace in general, and all with deep respect and gratitude to HM the King. And no more outside interference.

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