Ignore Thaksin and start talks on future

your say March 12, 2014 00:00

Re: "PDRC holds first forum on reform", Politics, March 11.

Suthep has set the ball rolling on reform. Five experts offered a proposal on how they would tackle the issues. Suthep intends to submit the findings on the six issues to a “People’s Assembly”.
Meanwhile, in Beijing Thaksin is reported to have addressed a group of Pheu Thai members and Cabinet ministers, accusing “smart and able’’ elements within the Pheu Thai Party of doing nothing to help Yingluck.
Suthep has kept on track with what he said he would do. The anticipated response is likely to be negative from the government. As Thaksin has further undermined the authority of his sister, perhaps the “smart and able” Pheu Thai members can earn their rice rations by stepping up with a positive response to Suthep to restart Thailand.
Richard Bowler

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