If you dine with the devil, use a long spoon

your say May 17, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Forces in Bangkok need a deal with people in Isaan", Letters, May 12.

Alcoholics do not like to be told they are drunk. When they are told three times, they ought to listen. This applies more so for those drunk on power. Letter-writer and former US diplomat Marc Nicholson shows little diplomatic courtesy to Thai courts. Mr Nicholson talks of the voting power of Isaan and civil war. He seems to be in tune with the marching song of Jatuporn and his Maoist friend Dr Weng, who are threatening the courts. It is true that, now that the demagogue has shown the way, the path is open for others to exploit the ballot box in Isaan. It might not be an associate of the Carlisle Club running the operation in the future. US citizens have made a lot of mistakes in recent history in backing the wrong side and getting the wrong outcome.
Richard Bowler