Human responsibilities

your say June 17, 2014 00:00

What are human rights in a world where yesterday's luxuries become today's rights?

In some developed countries, ownership of a house, a car and the right to carry a gun are considered human rights. It is considered that humans have the right to exploit all other creatures with whom we share this planet. It seems a basic human right is to have as many children as one wishes regardless of available space, resources, finance and education. 
Should human rights not be replaced with human responsibilities? Is it not a human responsibility, the responsibility of every individual, to have only the number of children that can be provided for? Is it not a human responsibility to respect all life on Earth and the environment upon which we all depend for survival?
Establishing human responsibilities would automatically take care of “human rights”. The underlying cause of much suffering, injustice and exploitation is due to irresponsibility: self-inflicted misery. 
Indulging in and promoting rights is a form of protectionism. It encourages dependency, rather than the self-reliance whereby each person can reach his own potential. Encouraging development at home rather than migration for an easier life would instil dignity and national pride rather than second-class citizenship and derision by a host nation. Encourage interdependency, not dependency.
Above all, it is a human responsibility to ensure that future generations will have a quality of life where space is not at a premium and resources are plentiful, where government of the people, for the people is by the people, in the democratic manner. A planet devoid of destructive conflict, where peaceful coexistence reigns, is a human responsibility, not a right. The choice is ours.
JC Wilcox