'Human factor' has hurt Thailand badly

your say July 20, 2014 00:00

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Re: 'Thailand has plenty of role models to emulate', Letters, July 17, 2014.

I am trying not to think that JC Wilcox was trying to protect Thaksin Shinawatra’s image when he voiced disagreement to my claim that Thaksin has got in the way of Thailand’s attempts to move forward toward having a democracy.
My opinion is that there are only two factors that are plaguing Thailand: The one that deals with the system; and the one with the human side.
Bad politicians can make a good system become worse; whereas good politicians can make an imperfect system better and better as time passes.
Right now, It is the human factor that is plaguing and paralysing Thailand.
Any system will do so long as it is in line with Thailand’s traditional values and geopolitical surroundings.
Just think about it. If only Thaksin as much as sets his foot on Thai soil today, the country will possibly erupt into a civil war. This is simply because half of the people of this country regard him as an ingrate and a sell-out.
Thaksin is not even considered a good enough citizen of this country by its literate citizenry. How can he be accepted as its leader?
Vint Chavala