How the East was won

your say April 22, 2014 00:00

Around 200 years ago, Britain's George III suffered the indignity of losing a large chunk of his empire. It was a blow to democracy, with American republicans deposing the head of state.

The US has regretted this act of disrespect ever since, showing adulation for all that is royal. Well, they had their chance.
With the threat of republicanism looming once again, this time in the east, Down Under, something had to be done. Up stepped George. Baby George saved the day without firing a shot. He simply arrived with his mum and dad and the day was one. Republicanism was kicked into touch, where it licked its wounds in shame. Great Grandma sighed with relief and proudly heralded her great grandson George. The West could only watch with envy.
J C Wilcox