How our leaders turned rotten

your say February 13, 2014 00:00

Re: "Farmers to sue govt for rice money", National February 12.

The government has bought rice from farmers at a price of Bt15,000 per tonne but has failed to pay the Bt400 billion it owes them as a result. This case is the first in Thai history of a government being sued by farmers. The government has taken no responsibility for solving the problem and showed little or no sympathy to farmers left to suffer by the rice-pledging scheme. Instead of guaranteeing them proper money for their crop at a time when the price of rice is at a low, the government has destroyed their self-reliance by not paying the money owed to farmers. Why have the farmers not received government assistance? What has it used the Bt200 billion for? Why did they not use it to pay the farmers? If the global price of rice is high, why don’t they do something to solve the problem in Thailand? Are they not ashamed as they eat their rice every day?

Initially I thought this government would be good for all Thais. Now I have lost all faith in it. I have no trust left in a government that betrayed the backbone of our country.


Chiang Mai

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