His beef is not meat

your say July 19, 2012 00:00

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The Constitution Court decision seems to have been well considered. It acted within its own area of jurisprudence. It has established itself as an independent body.


I find it ironic that the Attorney General’s contribution to the current affair was to state that the petition to the Constitution Court should have gone through him, and he would have turned it down, leading to the third reading and probable dissolution of the Pheu Thai party. Now Jirayu Huangsap of Pheu Thai wants the Constitution Court to be barred from receiving petitions from the “general public”. Does this include opposition MPs? Since the petition saved Pheu Thai’s bacon, Khun Jirayu’s beef is not meat. As an independent body, the court should be available to everybody and make its own decisions on whom to prosecute.
The court revealed Thaksin Shinawatra’s guilt in the satellite company affair. Of course it stayed within its own remit and left it to the Criminal Court to act further. I believe the Attorney General’s office is responsible for court action in this sphere. His inept attempt to assist the Pheu Thai in this case and the lack of the pursuance of the cases against Thaksin Shinawatra should shine a glaring spotlight on his activities.
Richard Bowler