Hey man, how can you talk about the North and Isaan?

your say March 10, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Secession talk just sarcasm", Letters, March 8.

Somsak Pola said the calls to separate the North and Northeast from the country were a display of exasperation and frustration by the red shirts. 
However, I think that that was a show of despair and recklessness. 
Most of the political groups in these regions are led by DJs who use community radio stations to indoctrinate supporters. They in turn listen to orders from the red-shirt leaders in Bangkok, mostly former unreformed communists. 
The popularity of these local gang leaders is dwindling because the party they are affiliated with, Pheu Thai, is plagued by corruption while running the government, and has failed its supporters to the point that voters are turning away from it. 
Hence, the show of desperation. 
How can Somsak, who lives in Samut Prakan, know of the political situations in the North and Northeast more than those living there?
Vint Chavala