Heed the EC's recommendation

your say January 23, 2014 00:00

I agree with the Election Commission's recommendation that the poll be postponed, as the widespread opposition to Thaksin's parties makes the convening of a new Parliament House unlikely. And with increasing violence, the already dim probability becomes e

For the first time in Thai history, civil society is out in full force, with every profession, society, association et al – with the sole exception of the red shirts – against Thaksin. Surely they are not there because Suthep paid them.

Even if Yingluck enforces peace at the point of a gun under martial law, that would hardly be a condition under which a free and fair election, without vote-buying and with informed voters, could be held. Such elections might be legal but would not express the will of the people.

For their part, the protesters should state what specific reforms they want before they would consider an election to be free and fair, and Yingluck should either implement them now or give credible reasons why doing so would be illegal. If she complies, she will have met the protesters’ demand for reform before election, and they should not object to her heading the interim government.

Elections must be free and fair to be meaningful.

Burin Kantabutra