Hard work and honesty are the keys to success for the NCPO

your say August 25, 2014 01:00

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Ref: "Prayuth must not forget what Thais want", Editorial, August 23.

I agree with your editorial that the National Council for Peace and Order from now on cannot afford to let itself be corrupted, or be seen as abusing its powers. 
NCPO boss Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha should not be too concerned about the old powers and influence groups. They cannot cause any trouble unless the NCPO and the government are themselves involved in corruption; or fail to deliver their promise to bring equitable democracy, as well as peace and reconciliation, back to our country. 
The new government should be more concerned about the plight of our poor farmers – especially those living in the Northeast – who have been, and are still being, exploited by loan sharks and fertiliser and chemical traders. 
The Yingluck government’s rice price pledging scheme has worsened our Thai farmers’ already bad situation: Household debt among the poor has increased two-fold during the past few years. 
These poor souls are awaiting urgent and tangible assistance from the new government. 
As well, corruption both in government and the private sector must be addressed; the country’s education system also needs drastic reforms. 
In short, hard work and honesty are a key to the new government’s success – and all this in a very short time-frame. 
Vint Chavala